Clique It Photo: Simple. Elegant. Social.

You want a sure way to add spontaneity and guaranteeing lasting memories at your event. Clique It Photo is a vintage-looking, high-end DSLR camera which guests are given complete control. Each Clique It Photo is shown in beautiful black and white in a real-time slideshow on a large 24" display at the back of the camera. Clique It Photo is simple, elegant, and ready to be the highlight of your event!


We don't print those tiny photo booth pictures. Along with guests enjoying the slideshow, each photo is made available online within 24 hours after the event. That means the entire event can be relived soon-after through hundreds of photos shared online in places like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest at no extra charge. Prints can also be easily ordered from small to extra-large sizes.


frequently asked questions


Which events are best with clique it?

Clique It Photo enhances any event. We love Central Illinois Weddings, Surprise Birthday Parties, Masquerade Balls, Charity Events, Fundraising Events, and Graduation Parties to name a few.


We serve Central Illinois larger cities, smaller towns and many points in-between. We call both Peoria and LaSalle/Peru 'home headquarters' but give us a call if you aren't sure if your area is included.


An online photo gallery?

Yes. Along with seeing all of those photos in beautiful black and white on a 24-inch display, every photo is uploaded into the event's gallery. Everyone gets a Clique It Ticket at the event with a link to access the online gallery. They get free access to share their photos anywhere. They can also order prints at that time.


what exactly do I get?

The answer is 'Awesomeness', but the details matter. You get every photo of the event on a USB thumb drive in full color. Every guest gets full access to their online gallery to share photos at no cost and also order prints. A trained Clique It Photo employee will also be present during the entire event.

Cool camera. Tell me more.

Clique It Photo looks great at any event; casual or black-tie. A remote control powers the camera and flash. The flash bathes guests in beautiful light while each photo is immediately uploaded into an ongoing, classic black and white slideshow seen on a large 24-inch display at the back of the camera.


What sets you apart?

We know life is about people; shy, extroverted, young, old. Clique It Photo is able to capture the essence of all kinds of people. When people are among friends, the results can be far more natural and genuine. We enjoy giving this experience to people along with the memories that better images provide.


What are your packages?

We offer three basic package options. $600.00 for two hours. $700.00 for three, and $900.00 for five hours. That includes all pictures in color on a USB flash drive, supervision during the event by a Clique It staff member, props and complete access to the online gallery within 24 hours after the event.