First Cousins, Now in Business Together




(That's me on the left). I grew up playing sports, antagonizing my siblings and majoring in enjoying life. I hold strongly to certain beliefs. Here are a few:

To Have a Friend, You’ve Got to Be a Friend • Work Hard, Play Hard • Reach Out to the One Who’s Alone • Be a Leader • Get It Done • Love God by Loving People • Doing Your Best is Important but Winning is Way More Fun.

Paths I’ve travelled thus far: Nursing Studies, Staffing Associate, Bachelors in Sociology from Illinois State. Wife and Mom to 3 beautiful children and a great daughter-in-law. I love working with youth and currently I'm in my 11th year as a volunteer youth leader at church.

Why I Love Clique It Photo:
The open air photo booth is the way to go! Especially since traditional photo booths trigger my claustrophobia and every photo I've ever taken in them looks like a cat trying to claw it's way out of a sink full of water. But also, and a little less importantly, my First Cousin Vickie and I started this business together. We grew up together and have always been great friends; we compliment each other well. Personally, I love working with people and providing a great product and service that people really enjoy. 




(I'm on the right). Unlike Peggy, sports were not a part of my childhood. I was born left handed and with two left feet. The band was in my future. I grew up playing music and rescuing every stray animal that crossed my path (the tell tale sign of a middle child seeking attention!). That habit continues today. I catch and release spiders, buy worms just to feed the fish, and share my home with 3-legged cats. I have rescued every dog who's crossed my path. One day I WILL have a pig. I even paid for brain surgery on a rat and made him a wig, but that's a story to share when we meet at your function!

I love any laugh that ends in a snort, open minds, big bear hugs, and an endless supply of hair spray. I admire people who make a difference and people who aren't afraid to be different. I say yes to life and deal with the details later.  Faith in God and family, and the blessings of friendship will get me through anything. I take people's needs seriously, but refuse to take myself or my life too seriously.

Paths I've Traveled Thus Far: University of Illinois graduate with a Bachelor's in Psychology. Human Resources Director. Photography Small Business Owner. Adult Literacy Teacher. Cops 4 Cancer Volunteer. Animal Advocate and Rescuer.

Why I Love Clique It Photo: 
I love forming new friendships, making people laugh, and giving the perfect gift. Clique It Photo allows me to do all three for our clients. My favorite place is in the center of the action. Never wanting to miss anything I'm always the first to arrive and the last to leave a party. Clique It provides the freedom to do that, too!