Clique It Photo: Simple. Elegant. Social.


You want a sure way of adding spontaneity to your event and guaranteeing lasting memories. Clique It Photo is a vintage-looking, high-end DSLR camera which guests can take selfies or groupies of each other via remote control. Each Clique It Photo is shown in beautiful black and white in a real-time slideshow on a large 24" display at the back of the camera. Clique It Photo is simple, elegant, and ready to be the highlight of your event! By the way, that's us, Vickie and Peggy, owners of Clique It Photo. We guarantee to make your event a success.


We don't print those tiny photo booth pictures. Along with guests enjoying the slideshow, each photo is made available online within 24 hours after the event. That means the entire event can be relived soon after through hundreds of photos shared online in places like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest at no extra charge. Prints can also be easily ordered from small to extra-large sizes.